About Sunstream Energy

Sunstream Energy was founded in 2001 by Gene Hourihane, a professional qualified mechanical engineer with previous experience in engineering design, manufacturing, and process industries.

Sunstream Energy continuously strives to develop innovative solar PV and energy storage systems to give its customers value and complete satisfaction over the service life of their solar PV investment.

We service the private, agriculture and commercial sectors.

Pioneering the Uptake of Solar Energy in Ireland Accred_ISEA_Logo

Sunstream Energy is a founding member of the Micro Electricity Generators Association (MEGA) who have been long-term advocates of electricity micro-generation and the smart grid.

MEGA was established to promote the development and expansion of a world-class, state-of-the-art micro electricity generation industry in Ireland contributing substantially, and increasingly, to the production of electrical energy in Ireland without the use of any fuel other than that provided directly by the sun, the wind and rain, improving air quality, the environment, substantially, and increasingly reducing carbon emissions.