Energy Storage

Energy Storage – What You Need to Know: Energy storage is on the threshold of major growth in three major sectors; stationery, appliances and electric vehicles. The number of different market sectors, stationary comprise of short term grid stabilisation, and longer-term grid capacity and spinning reserve.

Different technologies
Chemical batteries
Pumped hydro compressed air
Two main batteries would be flooded (as in acid), and Lithium-Ion.

You can choose between a PV – Wind system with an integrated storage system that offers a particularly favourable cost-benefit ratio, or a PV system with a flexible storage system that makes it possible to configure storage capacities according to your needs.

With our solutions, you are able to ensure sustainable and affordable electricity supply, even without access to the utility grid.

By integrating storage systems into your PV system you can use your self-generated solar or wind power even more efficiently and reduce costs:

  • You consume more of your own solar electricity
  • You consume electricity when you need it
  • You become independent from rising electricity prices